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Stefanie DelPrete-40

Stefanie DelPrete is an actor, writer, and Anusara yoga lover. She writes to inspire people, empower them to heal themselves. In a former life Stef was a Bowen Therapy Practitioner and Energy Healer. She has since changed careers and is following her heart. Look for her in acting classes, film festivals, theatres, at her computer writing, or on the mat!


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Stefanie,

    I just read your article in Mind body green about your upcoming journey to remove your implants and it is so timely!

    I am just starting the journey myself – literally two days ago I discovered the connection to chronic immune issues and implants, and now have an appointment this Thursday with doctor re: explantation. I am almost 10-years post saline implants and boy has it been an interesting 10 years…. diagnosed with many things over that time but all relating to chronic immune disorders that no doctor can figure out how to “fix.” Have tried everything from diet, IV theraphy and many other holistic treatments with no avail.

    Anyways, I was hoping we could connect and share what we are learning. I have a list of questions written down for my doctor appointment but would love to compare notes. Let me know if you’d be open to talking. Thanks and I appreciate you sharing your story!

    Peace and vitality,

    • Hi Megan. Wow! This is amazing. I remember the day I discovered the connection, and that penny finally dropped. It is quite a realization! At the moment, I am taking time to work through my own process, but will share more once I’m ready. Be gentle with yourself, and remember you are perfect just the way you are at every stage. Namaste

  2. Stefanie, I discovered your article through MindBodyGreen. The title of the article caught my attention b/c I had breast implants removed. I have never looked back:) I reclaimed myself (although it took some time to work through the scarring, on all levels) and admire you for taking action and for speaking about this. I am happy to share more on this with you, if you ever want to connect and discuss. Be well, follow your heart and intuition.
    Om Shanthi

  3. Stephanie, since I got my implants in 2002 I have had more and more of the symptoms that Dr. Kolb has talked about. I found out in 2005 that I have Celiac and have been gluten/dairy free ever since. I’m a strength/conditioning and running coach and taught Yoga in the past. I’m very healthy but cannot figure out why my bones hurt, I ache, I have Raynaud’s now, my spine hurts and all of my blood work and tests have come back normal. My husband thinks that I’m crazy, but after listening to Dr. Kolb today and reading your article, I know that I must get them removed. I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon May 19. I want to make sure that I have all of this information to talk to her and hoping that she’s aware of these things that Dr. Kolb talks about too. Do you have any other suggestions or questions that I should ask when I go? Thanks again for sharing your experience. It has helped me to finalize this decision for myself. I just want to feel healthy and normal again.

    • Hi Liesel,

      Thank you so much for your message, and for your courage! You are a very strong woman. I am so sorry to hear about your struggle. It is horrible to experience unexplained ailments! I hear you, sister!
      As for questions to ask your surgeon, I recommend asking about the things that are important to YOU. Is cost an issue? Ask about total price and break down. Are you concerned about recovery? Ask about what medications you will be given, whether or not you will have drains, how long you’ll be in the hospital before discharge, what your physical restrictions will be, etc. Do you want to know more about the procedure? Ask about capsulectomy – will you need a total or partial capsulectomy, do you even need one at all? What about cleansing or nutritional information to help you clear your body. Ask for a referral to a dietitian or nutritionist in your area. Do you want to have support? Ask for a referral to a psychologist or healer who can help you through it emotionally.
      There are heaps of things to do to prepare for your procedure and healing process. I recommend finding out what’s most important to YOU, and then going from there.
      Best of luck and wishes for grace!

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