I am a yoga lover!

I remember going to my very first yoga class… and feeling like I had just found a piece of myself I had been missing for years.

Have you ever been looking through your car, your closet, or your embarrassingly overfilled purse and unexpectedly found something you misplaced months or years ago, something that when you lost it made you collapse with disappointment? And when you found that special thing, do you remember how you felt? Did you squeal with excitement, hug the thing, have a flood of memories from the time you received it, or felt so overwhelmed with appreciation to the universe for reuniting you with your lost treasure that you started to cry? Well if you have, then you know how I felt when I found yoga! Funny thing is, I hadn’t known I had ever lost it before stepping onto that mat. Whoah. Trippy.

Few practices bring me in communion with my spirituality quicker and more directly than yoga. Yoga is my main path to consciousness and complete incarnation.

What practice connects you with your spirituality?


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